Pokemon 5" Inch Poke Ball Plush
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Pokemon 5" Inch Poke Ball Plush

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Expand your Pokémon universe with the Pokémon™ 5 Inch Poké Ball Plush Assortment, an essential for fans and collectors alike. This collection brings to life the iconic Poké Ball designs, including the classic Poké Ball, Great Ball, Master Ball, and Ultra Ball, each in a vibrant and colorful plush form. Each 5-inch plush is meticulously crafted from super-soft materials, making them irresistibly squishy and cuddly. Filled with beans, these plush Poké Balls are designed consistently to land right-side-up, adding a touch of whimsy and fun to your Pokémon adventures. Perfect for gifting or adding to your collection, these Poké Ball plushes capture the spirit of Pokémon in a unique and huggable form.

  • Features four popular Poké Ball styles - Poké Ball, Great Ball, Master Ball, and Ultra Ball.
  • Made with super-soft materials for a plush, cuddly texture.
  • Each plush is bean-filled, allowing it to land right-side-up.
  • At 5 inches, these plushes are ideal for play, display, and cuddling.
  • A must-have addition for fans looking to expand their Pokémon collection.
  • These plushies make the perfect gift for birthdays and special occasions, as they are suitable for children of a wide age range, starting from two years old and up.