Kinetic Sand, Squish N’ Create Sensory Toy Playset
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Kinetic Sand, Squish N’ Create Sensory Toy Playset

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Kinetic Sand Squish N’ Create will spark your child's imagination and creativity! This Kinetic Sand playset is jam-packed with 13.5oz of Blue, Yellow, and Pink sand, and over 5 tools and molds that will inspire endless sand play possibilities. Kids can mix, layer, and shape the sand to their heart's content, letting their imaginations run wild. With the squisher handle, kids can attach different tools like Squish, Cut, and Shape for sand-sational fun! The sensory sand never dries out, making it perfect for hours of tactile play that promotes fine motor skills and creativity. 

  • Kinetic Sand kits features Kinetic Sand tools and 13.5oz play sand! Fill the octagon mold, layer sand, squish it, slice it and more! Fluff the sand, create unique designs and feel it move through your fingers!
  • Endless possibilities for creating and molding. Layer, carve and slice to transform yellow, pink and blue sand to reveal your unique designs! Mix two or more colored sand together to discover new colors and mesmerizing creations!
  • Encourage pretend play and fine motor skills through tactile play as kids mold and shape!
  • Includes: 13.5oz of Kinetic Sand, 1 Squisher Handle, 1 Flat Squish Head, 1 Cut Squish Head, 1 Octagon Mold, 1 Shape Stamper, 1 Flow Fork